5 Things To Do Between Your Ceremony and Reception


The bride and groom playing and relaxing after the ceremony is over | Chelsea Nicole Photography

Photo by Cheslea Nicole Photography

1. Take 10 minutes to be alone as a couple. You’re finally married!  Take a quick walk away from your wedding guests before you join them for the reception.  Let your photographer trail behind if you’d like for some extra candid pictures.

2. Eat! Enjoy the delicious foods you have spent so much time deciding on.  If you’ll be taking pictures during cocktail hour, ask the wait staff to bring you a plate of the hors d’oeuvres so you can take a few bites before heading into the reception.

3. Take photos while your hair and makeup are still perfect. Remember to get a quick picture with just your mom/dad/grandma…right after the ceremony may be the only chance to get that shot before the hustle and bustle of the reception begins.

4. Switch shoes so you can dance the night away.

5. If you’ve got a signature cocktail served at the wedding, order one!


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