Bohemian Wedding Inspiration

How I love boho-chic styling for both everyday fashion and weddings too!  It’s a fairly rare bride that wants to attempt the Bohemian look, but when they do the wedding is a showstopper and, let’s be honest, the details get Pinned and published.  Try it with lush flowers, a mix of colors, an easy breezy dress, and barely-done hair.  The wedding itself should feel comfortable and relaxed…the opposite of formal or stuffy.  While even the Bohemian style wedding needs plenty of planning and well executed details, it’s all about the fuss-free and natural vibe! 

More ideas on creating the perfect “Bohemian” wedding:

* By all means, don’t make your bridesmaids wear the same dress!  Choose a color scheme and let them choose anything they want.  You’ll be surprised by how perfectly offbeat this can look.

* Order bridesmaid bouquets that are all different from each other in some way, or have a bouquet making party and let your girls create their own unique arrangements

* Use an eclectic mix of mismatched seating like benches, poufs and chaise lounges

* Keep the color scheme more monochromatic with soft neutrals OR choose an array of bolder jewel-toned colors like peacock blue, eggplant, teal, mustard yellow, and deep red

* Get really laid back and walk barefoot down your grassy outdoor aisle, or nix the heels and wear jeweled or metallic flat sandals

* Offer young girls a floral wreath to wear in their hair so that they, too, can feel like princesses

* Use what you already have!  Decorate tables with items you and your family own like grandma’s china, favorite books, antlers, dried leaves from the maple tree out back, lace or beaded table cloths…you get the idea

* Allow guests to try a variety of foods from a tapas-style menu.  This works well for heavy hors d’ouevres or stationed dinner receptions and you can choose your favorite, more ethnic or eclectic foods.  The farm-to-table trend is also perfect at your Bohemian-chic event.  Use menus to describe the various foods your guests will be trying.




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