Weekly Favorites | Mom Edition

13 Items to Add to Your Baby Registry We tend to keep up with many of our clients long past the wedding date, so it’s a real treat to get to see then-clients/now-friends enter a new phase of life. It is such a joy to watch our brides go from bride-to-be, […]

Having Children In Your Wedding

Will You Have Children In Your Wedding? Over the years we’ve been asked time and again whether a couple “has to” have a flower girl or ring bearer in their wedding. We always tell the couple that these details are personal preference. They certainly don’t HAVE to include children in the wedding if they […]

Your Wedding Stationery Checklist

                When you think about your wedding style and priorities, how does wedding stationery fit into the mix? Wedding paper goods have come so far and there are endless options to “brand” your wedding, though many couples still tend to overlook these details in the […]

Wedding Dos and Don’ts

Ask anyone who has already had their wedding, or experienced the joy and frustrations of helping someone plan a wedding, and you’ll find that these people have some insightful tips on what worked and what didn’t. Maybe the schedule they thought would work felt rushed or dragged on. Maybe their favorite music […]

Bridesmaid Bestie Box

When time and planning allows, my favorite presents to give are curated boxes or baskets of assorted items (usually made up of things I would want myself!). What better way to ask your gal pals to join the bridal party fun than with a Bestie Box!? These items are sure to […]