Have Your Cake and Eat It Too

How to Tackle the Challenge of Selecting a Wedding Cake

Wedding planning is no easy task. Some people spend years and thousands of dollars hashing out every detail of their big day. There are so many elements of a wedding day to get right – including the wedding cake.

For your guests, the food will be one of the most memorable things. You’ll want to ensure you and your partner cut into a cake that’s both delicious and beautiful. Here are some great tips to bear in mind when you’re deciding on a wedding cake:

  1. Enjoy the tastings

First and foremost, don’t think about it as a challenge. When you’re planning a wedding, the amount you’ve got to do can feel overwhelming. You should try and enjoy as much possible. Cake tastings should be fun and they’re a part of planning you and your fiancée can do together.

Book in appointments you can both make, and try different flavors. After all, you’re not restricted to one. You can have a different flavor for each tier – something that’s especially useful if you each have a favorite.

  1. Know your budget

Weddings are expensive events. That’s why it’s so important to have an ideal budget for each area – otherwise it would be easy to overspend. Wedding cakes range in price enormously and it’s worth shopping around to see what different bakers charge for their time and level of detail.

Amongst the great expert wedding cake tips is the suggestion to ask the cake designer to make the cake with the bottom tier real, and the rest of the tiers in decorated foam. No one will know and your guests will be served delicious and easy to serve sheet cakes from the kitchen.

  1. Think about the whole experience

Of course, the taste of your cake is hugely important. But it’s also about the experience. How will it look? Where will you position it? Will it be served when people are seated or will it be at a self-serve station? Cake cutting is one of the mini-events of the day. Make sure your cake fits with the style of your day, and will look great in all the photos.

  1. Think about alternative cakes

Just as with the rest of your day, you can think outside the box with your cake. Some great money-saving suggestions include mini cupcakes, ice cream, doughnut towers, cheese, and dessert shots.

One of the best – and most memorable – things you can do is to create an interactive experience. Don’t just serve up a slice of any old cake. Make a dessert station and let guests create the combination of flavors they love. This works fantastically for things like ice cream or cheese and crackers.

  1. Check your venue’s charges

Many hotels and event centers offer cakes as part of a package. It’s worth checking out the standard of cake they produce as it can make your life easier.

Things you should be asking your venue, according to Earlene’s Cakes, is whether the cake-cutting service is included and if so how much the fee will be for the service. Also ask if the caterer provides the cake serving knives. The last thing you want are unexpected charges.

What type of wedding cake did you or will you have? Share your experiences with us!

This collaborative post is meant to be informative and helpful as you embark on your own planning journey. Accompanying photos are from past Tickled Pink events. 

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