Our Resolutions and What We’re Letting Go of in 2019

New Year’s Goals and Resolutions for 2019

We know, January 1 is an arbitrary date and change in our lives can come at any time, not just the first of the year. Nevertheless, it feels like the perfect time to commit to moving in a positive direction personally and to share with others so they can hold us accountable. Here are our 2019 resolutions and what we’re letting go of. 

Brittany: “This year I’m committing to simplify, and that means clutter in all areas. I’m purging items all around my home and closet, as well as excess when it comes to shopping, food, and unnecessary spending on things that aren’t bringing real joy. I’m adding more yoga and mindfulness to declutter my brain as well. 

I’m also letting go of the need to know/plan out exactly what comes next all the time. I believe God has exciting plans for my life but I spend a lot of time telling Him I’m not moving until he shows me what they are. It’s time to give that up.”

Kristi: “In 2019 my resolution is to simply be physically and mentally healthy. I’m recommitting to my exercise routine and fostering a sense of calm. What I’m leaving behind is self-doubt. It’s a self-care kind of year.”


Natalie:In 2019 I’m going to stop second guessing my intuition and go for what I know I want! I pray to have courage and bravery and enough boldness to stand up for what I’m worth and stop apologizing as I ask for it.

One thing I want to start doing this year is to regularly remind myself that just because something is hard doesn’t mean I can’t do it. I can do incredibly hard things and am capable of more than I probably think, so I want to challenge myself to do more things that scare me.”

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