7 Must-Haves for Wedding Gown Emergencies

We were treated to an evening of education (and delicious apps and wine from The Alfond Inn!) at Solutions Bridal recently where their lead stylist and in-house seamstress shared a wealth of knowledge regarding wedding gowns. I started my bridal career in couture gown sales and even after another 10 years of wedding planning, I still walked away with some new tools up my sleeve! Whether you’re a bride or planner, here are the top must-haves for your toolkit when it comes to wedding gown emergencies and keeping that gorgeous gown intact! Are any of these news to you?

  1. Safety pins | This one seems obvious but safety pins can do the trick when it comes to repairing a torn bustle mid-reception, pinning up the hem of a dress when the bride changes into flats, or pinning a broken strap on a dress.
  2. White candles | This one I had never heard of! In the case of a stuck zipper going up or down, rub a white candle’s wax onto the zipper to keep it moving smoothly. 
  3. Hollywood Flash Tape | It’s been in our kits for years and is a must-have for wedding days and other dressy occasions. Keep straps in place and keep a neckline from exposing too much cleavage! 
  4. Organza ribbon | Another I have never used but will be now! Organza ribbon can take the place of a strap that breaks, or can be pinned/sewn inside a dress to make a “belt” around the waist for a strapless dress that keeps sliding down.
  5. Baby wipes | These are safer on your gown or other fine fabrics than Tide sticks (though we use those a lot too!) or bleach pens, and usually do the trick when dealing with smudged makeup or other mishaps on a dress.
  6. Baby powder | Who knew this was a good choice for soaking up spilled wine or other liquid on a dress?
  7. Stapler | When in a hurry or without a better repair kit, just staple the dress! This one cracked me up but why not use a stapler to re-bustle in a pinch, tack up a hem, or reattach a strap? 

Back where it all began at my first job in the wedding industry!


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