Why You Want More Than “Day-of” Coordination

“Can I hire you for only day-of coordination?”

It’s one of our frequently asked questions and while we get asked quite a lot, the answer is always no. When I started working in the world of weddings more than a decade ago, most brides either hired a full service planner, or they didn’t hire one at all. Over the years the market has changed and brides became savvier. Information is now at their fingertips via Pinterest, blogs, The Knot, and other sites and apps. While we love full-service planning, we find that the average couple wants help from a professional but doesn’t plan to hire a full-service planner.

We’ve always offered Month-Of Coordination as a service for clients who are organized and comfortable planning a wedding on their own, but want us to step in about a month from the big day to wrap things up and coordinate all those big plans. It’s the bottom tier of our service levels yet we still get asked whether we can “just do day-of”. Let me tell you why we can’t.

Think of all the work that goes into planning a wedding, the various vendors running the show, your preferences and priorities for your wedding day. So much thought and effort (and money!) goes into this one important day. Now consider some of the potential little details that really matter on your big day:

  • Grandma is in a wheelchair and needs a space in the front row seating.
  • You’re surprising your fiance with a special gift and need the photographer available at the right moment.
  • You are planning on a sparkler exit but no one remembered to order sparklers!
  • Guest seating is very specific and you’ve planned on place cards that need to be picked up at the stationer and organized correctly.
  • A friend with Celiacs needs a safe meal served and the caterer needs to know exactly who that is, and in which seat at dinner.

These are just examples but as you can see, each wedding is unique and we celebrate the little things that matter to you! Most importantly, we want to make your wedding day go as close to your plan as we possibly can and we need more than a few days to prepare for that. Some of the things we do in our coordination packages that can’t be done in a real “day-of” service:

  • Confirming every one of your vendors.
  • Confirming the time hair and makeup starts and ends, and checking that it works with your photography schedule.
  • Ordering things like sparklers and bubble wands and bringing them to the event to make your life easier.
  • Confirming that the quantity of rental items is ordered correctly based on your final headcount, and then fixing the problem pronto if it’s not correct. Even if this means driving across town the morning of the wedding to make things right.
  • Walking through the venue with you the month before the wedding to be sure we’re on the same page and the logistics and seating plan make sense.
  • Talking to the florist to be sure they arrive¬†after tablecloths are on to make set up most efficient and seamless.
  • Communicating dietary notes to your catering team to stay safe and help dinner run smoothly.

And the list goes on! 

Here’s a quick video by our lead planner, Kristi, explaining a little more about our month-of coordination package and why it’s not “just day-of”. We welcome inquiries to help with coordinating your event, and we hope you understand why our job is never just “day of”! xo

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