How to Avoid Gambling Problems


The problem of gambling is not limited to one person, as it can affect people of all ages and walks of life. For instance, in Mississippi, crime increased by 800 percent and rapes and robberies rose by 200 percent. In a 1994 study, gambling-affected communities had double the national crime rate. Gambling destroys individuals and families, and it is highly addictive. It has been estimated that compulsive gambling affected five percent of the population in Iowa after legalization of casinos.

If you are feeling an urge to gamble, resist the urge and postpone the urge. Visualize the consequences of your actions, and then take other steps to distract yourself from your urge. Another helpful technique is to practice relaxation techniques. If you are a social person, make sure you have a few non-gambling friends to socialize with. You might also want to take up some volunteer work. In case you have a deep-seated gambling problem, seeking treatment is the best option.

Gambling is not a realistic way to make money. However, most people participate in it at least once in their lives. Responsible gambling means understanding the odds of winning and limiting your losses. You may experience some cognitive or motivational biases when making decisions about whether to place a bet. But in general, it’s a fun way to pass time and relax. The main difference between gambling and insurance is that the latter is based on a specific time frame, while gambling is open-ended.

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