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13 Items to Add to Your Baby Registry

We tend to keep up with many of our clients long past the wedding date, so it’s a real treat to get to see then-clients/now-friends enter a new phase of life. It is such a joy to watch our brides go from bride-to-be, to wife, to new mom! Lots of my friends are having babies now too so I’m thrilled to be in this place in our lives together! With three young children, you all know I am bound to have some serious must-haves when it comes to kid gear. I’m of the mindset that babies don’t really need tons of toys and gear, though there are definitely some items that are big winners in our family. I’ve finally figured out that you don’t need 42 bibs when you have a couple great rinsable ones, which stroller I really like best (you don’t want to know how many strollers we’ve owned), and that I get a lot of satisfaction out of sharing baby items with friends so we can all be economical and eco-conscious. I’ve put together a compilation of some of my very favorite items for the newborn and toddler stages to keep #momlife running smoothly. Have something else to add to our list? Share in the comments! We love being introduced to items other moms can’t live without, too!baby gear


  1. aden + anais Kids Classic Swaddle receiving blankets. They are light and airy and big enough for the perfect baby burrito and using as a nursing cover.
  2. WubbaNub Pacifier. Not only is it cute, it won’t roll away when baby drops it and gives them something to play with and hold onto in the carseat and crib. Throw in the washing machine to keep the whole thing clean.
  3. Medela Contact Nipple Shield. Get one before baby comes just in case you need it. Trust me. If nursing is painful at first, you will be so glad you have this. 
  4. BOB Revolution SE Single Stroller. My favorite jogging stroller I’ve owned. The tires are big enough for a smooth ride, the seat has tons of room, the canopy is big, and it steers like a dream. Only downfall is that you’ll have to purchase accessories like snack tray and parent cupholders separately.
  5. Ju-Ju-Be Legacy Collection B.F.F. Convertible Diaper Bag. I am not a big diaper bag fan. With my first two kiddos I had a different bag that I pretty much hated using so instead I threw a couple diapers and wipes in my purse as needed. Third time around, I found this bad boy and now I throw my lipgloss and wallet into the diaper bag when we’re on the go. Functional, stylish, and I wear it as a backpack so it’s comfortable and out of the way.
  6. Target brand diapers. This is another one that took me three kids to figure out. We’ve used Pampers, Huggies, and Honest brand and I like the Target brand the best! They don’t leak, they’re very soft, and they’re around $10 a box cheaper than other brands. Can’t beat that. Thanks to my sister for showing me the light.
  7. Fisher-Price Newborn Rock ‘n Play Sleeper. All of my kids did things differently when it came to newborn sleep. Saylor slept in her carseat at night for the first five weeks. Jack used the infant bassinet in the pack-and-play for a couple weeks. Lucy slept in our bed in a co-sleeping baby cot for something like 4 months! Because she is the baby of the family and we are aiming to develop birth order issues in our kids ASAP. ha! A friend loaned me this Rock’n Play Sleeper when we had Lucy and it really is awesome. It’s light weight and folds up so move it all over the house as needed and use it for travel with a newish baby. When Lucy wasn’t sleeping in our bed, this was more of a hit than the pack and play or crib, I think because it’s elevated and wraps around them so they’re super cozy and secure. It’s a good option instead of a traditional bassinet and as an alternative to sleeping with your newborn while still keeping them close.
  8. Ina May’s Guide to Childbirth. You may or may not know that I am a bit of a birthing junkie. As in I love to talk natural birth, I love reading books and watching documentaries about it, and going to natural childbirth classes with a midwife and feeling empowered, not scared, of labor with baby #2 was a defining moment of my life. This book is old-school, the stuff hippie mamas are made of, and you should definitely read it before baby comes. To each her own way of doing things, but at least educate and empower yourself. You were made for this, mama!
  9. Solly Baby Wrap. Another third time around discovery. Putting it on correctly takes a little getting used to (watch the video on their site!) but you and your baby will love this. Most babies LOVE being worn when you start early. Lucy was using this by 5 days old and took most of her naps while being worn. I even wore her through an entire editorial shoot I planned when she was about six weeks old. Once she was around six months old I moved on to a Beco Gemini carrier (maybe I need a baby wearing post!?) but for those first six delicious months the Solly was my jam.
  10. Baby moccasins. Yep, they are so trendy it hurts but I don’t care. Shoes don’t stay on baby feet. Period. Moccasins do. Get a pair. 
  11. Jessica Simpson nursing bra. I know, who knew Jessica Simpson was the bra guru? These were my favorite, most comfortable nursing bras. I wore mine way after breastfeeding was over.
  12. NoseFrida Nasal Aspirator. This is the most disgusting idea of how to suction your baby’s nose, but after resisting it awhile I went ahead and bought into the madness and everyone was right. It works better than any suction bulb and I am pretty positive has helped my baby get over colds and infections faster because it keeps her sinuses clear. 
  13.  Yepp Mini Bicycle Child Seat. You won’t be using this one until baby is about 9 months old, but get ready for a fun bike ride once they can sit up in the seat comfortably. This attaches to the handlebars of your bike and the baby is positioned at your chest level so your arms kind of wrap around them as you ride. It doesn’t create any difficulty balancing or steering. Make sure you also get an infant helmet! Most children can ride in this seat until about 3 years old. This has opened the door to many family bike rides with baby in tow and we are loving it! 


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