You Should Know: Courtney Hill of Dishie Rentals

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If you’ve ever seen her Instagram feed, you’ve probably wished you could tag along on the vibrant adventure that is her life. Courtney Hill, owner of Orlando-based Dishie Rentals, is a cheerful, positive, colorful gal. She’s a wife to Gray, mom to one year old Charlotte, and tabletop styling extraordinaire. This mama definitely knows how to style a party–looking completely chic while doing it, of course– one perfectly pretty teacup at time!


First 3 things I do when I wake up: My little squishy one year old is my alarm clock, so I go get her and snuggle her in bed. I have this fantasy that she’ll go back to sleep with us, but she always ends up climbing all over me and laughing at my attempts to get some extra rest. Then I stagger out to make coffee #1 for the day and turn on praise music. 

Go-to uniform: Shift dress. The brighter the better! I love Tory totes & always wear the same pearl studs I got for college graduation. 

Best advice I’ve ever received: The best things are worth the wait.

Truth or Dare: Dare! 

On a free Saturday I… Head to Park Ave for brunch with Gray & Charlotte. Then we hit the Winter Park Farmer’s Market for blooms & veggies. Before heading home we grab caramel lattes from Barnie’s. While Charlotte naps, I sneak out to some estate sales. You never know what treasures you can find! Then we’ll either head to the zoo or Disney or a splash park for some outdoor time. I’d like to say we go to a fancy dinner out, but we usually just get something quick & head home to spend an evening with our bestie, Netflix. 

Adventure I’d love to take: I’m dying to go to Thailand. Or Greece. Or an African safari. Can I pick more than one? 

Lately I’m listening to: Holy Spirit by Francesca Battistelli on repeat! We actually went to college together. I used to go see her play in little coffee shops. I’m so happy for her success!

Best thing I’ve ever eaten: Truffle pasta at Le Gaiac in St Bart’s on my honeymoon. Gray and I reminisce about it at least once a week! 

Always makes me laugh: Charlotte & Gray are a great comedy team!

Who would play me in a movie: Rachel McAdams

My necessary extravagance: Room service, Amazing sheets, Fancy Hotels

On my bedside table: 15 books that I really want to read, Jo Malone candle, grocery store flowers

Top inspirations: I’m very inspired by travel. I keep a photo folder of beautiful art, homes and food that I come across. 

The age I am at heart: I’m feeling 22

Favorite distraction: Instagram!

 Favorite thing about your job: I absolutely love brides!! To be a tiny part of their most special day is such an honor and I don’t take that lightly! 

Thanks, Courtney!  And while we’re at it, here’s a look at some of our favorite Dishie place settings:

Dishie Rentals vintage china

Dishie Rentals vintage china

Dishie Rentals vintage china

Dishie Rentals vintage china





You Should Know: Kristin Wilson of Our DJ Rocks

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She’s so full of life and energy you just have to smile when talking to her and you’ll probably walk away motivated to take on the world because THAT’S the enthusiasm she brings to the table. Getting to know Kristin Wilson of Our DJ Rocks over the past few years I have been inspired by her passion and proud to know this dear friend. Kristin dove into the industry as a female wedding DJ and quickly earned her stripes, setting the bar high on fun, professionalism and style. She works her tail off but does it with grace and makes it look easy.  This is certainly one to watch, and definitely one you should know…


First 3 things I do when I wake up: Kiss my husband good morning, cuddle with my pup and make plans for world domination. 

Go-to uniform: Anything black with a little bit of sparkle. 

Best advice I’ve ever received: I have tons of advice that I would share and a million and one sayings that fire me up. A few that I live by are: “It’s always impossible until it’s done.” Or “Nothing changes until the pain of remaining the same, exceeds the pain of change” ORRRRRRRRRRRRRR to my #bossbitches out there “Never let anyone dull your sparkle.”

Truth or Dare: Truth

On a free Saturday I… what is a free Saturday? ::wink:: I’m actually serious. I don’t know what a free Saturday is. 

Adventure I’d love to take: Paddle Boarding with my  husband. Taking my step daughters to experience their first concert. Yoga on the beach of Hawaii. And maybe popping champagne in one of those cute gondola boats in Europe!

Lately I’m listening to: Show Me Love by Sam Feldt

Best thing I’ve ever eaten: My grandma’s chicken noodle soup or chicken’n dumplins or my moms chicken and rice! Pretty sure my hubby can cook some mean collard greens though. 

Always makes me laugh: Ok, I’m not sure I want to admit this… but if there is one thing that will always guarantee me to laugh it would be those silly dog videos. 

Who would play me in a movie: Reese Witherspoon!

My necessary extravagance: Nutella

On my bedside table: Inspirational books and a reading light. 

Top inspirations: Inspirational quotes, bubble baths and anything sparkly. 

The age I am at heart: I feel like I am in the right space at the right time and on the exact path that I am supposed to be. So I feel like at heart, I am my age. I’m young and full of energy. I’m actually kinda like a briefcase on a rope swing, professional yet still so much fun! 

Favorite distraction: Yoga

Favorite thing about your job: I believe that music has a power that is beyond our control. It can transform an atmosphere. It can set the mood. It can radiate a dance floor. It is my tool that helps me to create unplanned moments.  

Beauty Insider: Hair Removal

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As long as permanent hair removal options have been around, I’ve been curious about them. Friends have visited places like Ideal Image for many (expensive!) sessions of hair removal which I was always envious of the final result, but unwilling to commit to the price and number of visits required. I’ve of course waxed, but ouch, and was pretty much resigned to shaving forever until recently when a friend told me about BellaFlash Hair Removal System. She swore that her underarm hair was practically gone after a couple months of using it, so I had to investigate for myself. After about 6 weeks of once a week use, I can attest that I have almost NO underarm hair anymore! Hallelujah! A couple more sessions and it should be gone for good.


The machine plugs into an outlet and uses a laser with a super bright flash to stop hair growth at the follicle so no new hair grows there. The strength of the light is adjustable and for me when the setting is high enough, there is a split second sting but I would not say it necessarily hurts and it’s over in literally a second. There are 5.5 levels and I use it on about level 5, so almost as high as it will go. One of the best things about it, aside from the hair removal being permanent, is that you don’t have to grow hair out before using it. The laser reaches under the skin to zap down to the follicle, so continue to shave as normal prior to use. One insider tip… the directions say to wait 2 weeks between sessions, but I have used mine once a week with no problem. I think two weeks is playing it very safe and is likely not necessary but it may depend on the person. I’ve been so impressed with the results of this magical laser gun that I had to share! I have yet to see the BellaFlash in stores, but it’s available on Amazon (link above) and also at Costco if you have a membership. I wish it had been around before I got married so I could have done my underarms and bikini area before the wedding and honeymoon! 

So do tell, are there any insider beauty tricks or treatments we need to know about?

You Should Know: Brittany

Written by Brittany. Posted in You Should Know Series

Next up in our You Should Know series, and the last of our Tickled Pink team members, is (drumroll, please) yours truly! Writing my own intro is a little awkward but HI! I’m the owner of Tickled Pink, lover of mixing pretty, eclectic and green into one, coffee addicted and an ever-evolving and growing gal. I feel super blessed that I get to raise three spunky kids and go to work being creative, as an entrepreneur, and making celebrations both pretty and entertaining. 

10847892_10106132784677161_8864584752719270016_n (1)

First 3 things I do when I wake up: With three small children the chances are high lately that someone has woken me up in the middle of the night so first I usually think “how is it already morning??”. Then I go straight for the coffee. I really have a hard time communicating until I’ve had coffee. I love to walk or jog first thing, but more often than not I’m waking up to someone asking for juice or waffles so I’m stationed in the kitchen and trying to get people out the door.

Go-to uniform: Always something comfortable. Mostly I can pass for “art teacher chic”. Lately, bright lipstick with any outfit. 

Best advice I’ve ever received: My grandfather’s mother always told him to “Hold your head up high and be somebody!” and he has passed the advice along through our family. It has given me encouragement to be confident. Usually just being confident helps get you started and the rest will follow.

Truth or Dare: This just scares me either way. 

On a free Saturday I… am with my family and spending time outside. I’ll run with the dog in the morning and then come home and play games with the kids. We’ll all go to lunch or the farmer’s market and eat too much kettle corn. We always have some house project going on, so many weekend afternoons my husband, who is the handiest husband of all, is remodeling, planting, or fixing something. Ideally we can snag a sitter on a Saturday night and head out for dinner and drinks with friends for a couple hours. We tend to go out early and get home fairly early. Kids get up with the sun no matter how late the parents were out!

Adventure I’d love to take: I have a major travel itch going on. My list currently includes Mexico, Machu Picchu, and a long stay in a Tuscan villa. I have no real preference on what order those things happen in but they are all on my mind.

Soundtrack lately:  Kodaline radio on Pandora. Other than that I am stuck in 90’s alternative and am fine staying there.

Best thing I’ve ever eaten: Most memorable meal has to be at Sierra Mar restaurant at the Post Ranch Inn in Big Sur. Every course was to die for. I was served what I can only describe as a fairy garden on a plate. I don’t think there was a crumb left when I was done with it.

Always makes me laugh: My husband, Sam! He is really the funniest person I know. I’m so thankful and lucky to be able to be silly and laugh so hard in our marriage. 

Actress that would play me in a movie: She’s much funnier than me, but I would love for it to be Leslie Mann.

My necessary extravagance: Massages. What a wonderful way to take a break and take care of yourself. Pam at 5th Element Spa is so gifted. 

On my bedside table: My iPad, hand lotion, and a glass of water.

Top inspirations: Nature. Quietly strong women. Vibrant color. My mom, who was a great wife, cook, and lived life on her own terms.

The age I am at heart: Much older than my 32 years.

Favorite distraction: Instagram, and blogs like Cup of Joe, Mother Mag, and The Chalkboard

Favorite part of a wedding: Right after the ceremony. It’s all nerves until the couple says “I do” but there’s this huge smile and relief right after the ceremony when the couple can take a big breath and start enjoying the party.


Stay tuned next week for another interview from a mega-inspiring girl who you will definitely want to get to know! To see previous Q&As check here.

What To Do With Grandma’s Wedding Dress

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Elizabeth Taylor wedding

Recently a friend asked a question about repairing and repurposing her grandmother’s wedding gown. This comes up all the time as vintage dresses are passed down from mothers and grandmothers. Sometimes the bride is able to wear it as is, but most of the time we see brides using bits of the dress for a new creation, like lace for a bolero or as veil trim. I got in touch with one of Orlando’s most sought-after seamstresses for some expert advice. Here’s Holly Smith from Tears of Joy Seamstress:

Q: I recently took ownership of my grandmother’s wedding dress. It’s 67 years old. It started to turn and some of the lace is starting to tear. I don’t plan to wear it, but I can’t stand the thought of getting rid of it. Thoughts?

Holly: With age, fabrics become brittle. They can either fade or turn yellow depending on how it has been stored or what may have been on the fabric when it was put away. Things like old wine stains will turn brown due to the sugars. I recently had a couple of boxes of old fabrics given to me that were found in an old house. Most of it has that old musty smell to it and has been folded for so long it will take some work to get it to be usable in any way. But I can start by soaking it and letting it hang dry. Most all fabrics can be washed or soaked in water with a few drops of Dawn detergent. I have seen YouTube videos of those that swear by OxyClean as a very good gentle product to use with fabrics. So that’s where I would start with this 67 year old wedding dress by soaking it in a tub of warm water and a few drops of mild detergent. You may even want to do it a few times. Just make sure you rinse all the soap out well, pat it down with some towels to get most of the water out and then hang up to dry thoroughly.

Obviously we can get most of the aging out of the fabric but it won’t solve the problem of the fabric falling apart. So making another garment to wear out of the dress wouldn’t be a good suggestion. But what you can do is salvage parts of the dress. One of the first things off the top of my head would be to have a replica of the dress made but for a doll. This then could be on display somewhere in your house and it would keep one memory of your grandmother alive. Other things would be to take the skirt of the dress and parts of the lace to have a Christmas tree skirt made, or some kind of runner for your dining room table. These ideas may involve a seamstress to help in their creation. But if you can work a sewing machine they can be made by yourself. Really the number of things you can do with the dress are basically limited to your imagination.

Are you wearing or repurposing a family member’s dress? 

Photo of Elizabeth Taylor’s first wedding via Huff Post



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