You Should Know: Terri

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Welcome back for another round of “You Should Know”! In case you missed the first post in this series, you can find Kristi’s interview here. Today we introduce Terri Greene, another completely integral part of Tickled Pink. Terri has been in the wedding industry for about 9 years and has worked as a lead planner for Tickled Pink for 6 of those years. She helped coordinate my own wedding alongside Lisa at E-Events (thanks, gals!). I’m forever grateful that the stars aligned and she joined me at Tickled Pink early on, helping to create truly memorable wedding days for our couples ever since. And now… here’s Terri!


First 3 things I do when I wake up: Coffee, grab my glasses, did I mention coffee??

Go-to uniform: Cute flip flops and anything that works with them (it IS Florida after all). Oh, and bracelets! And lipstick and mascara, I am a girly girl.

Best advice I’ve ever received: I am not big on advice. We are all different and no journey is the same. Best realization? Don’t sweat the small stuff isn’t just a saying. You can always find a reason to be happy or sad. Choose happy.

On a free Saturday I…Let’s be real – I have three active children. If I am not at a wedding, I am at a sporting event. Sometimes, at a sporting event dressed for a wedding because that is my next stop. People don’t look at me funny anymore.

Adventure I’d love to take: When I was younger I really wanted to sky dive. Now that I’m 44 3/4 (adventure isn’t the right word) I want to chaperone our church youth trip to Haiti.

Lately I’m listening to: LOVE Fall Out Boy’s “Uma Thurman” because it makes me think of the Munsters.

Best thing I’ve ever eaten: I have a few. My fave lobster bisque in the Keys, buffalo (at the craziest Alice in Wonderland looking fondue place in California), and a steak grilled by my husband, on my back porch, beats them all.

Always makes me laugh: My husband and my kids. Every. Single. Day.

Who would play me in a movie: Reese Witherspoon (as her character in Sweet Home Alabama) or Julia Roberts (as her character in Steel Magnolias because blush and bashful are two different colors and my aunt had a beauty parlor – not salon – just like that!)

My necessary extravagance: I love champagne! I don’t have it often, but when I do, good champagne.

On my bedside table:  Don’t have one – I have a fan… I am always, always hot.

Top inspirations: Little things inspire me. A random act of kindness; the way kids laugh with their entire body; a look of love whether directed toward a spouse, partner parent, friend or pet; stories of one small person doing really big things. All of these inspire me to help make the world a better place.

The age I am at heart: 44 3/4. That is my age. I will own it, love it and act like I’m much younger.

Favorite distraction: The beach or a good book. Give me both and I’m a happy, happy girl.

Favorite part of a wedding: Any first look. Whether bride and groom, bride and father, seeing the ballroom/venue and all of the ideas come to life! Any moment that captures the true happiness of the day.

Thanks, Terri!  And stay tuned next week to get to know another of our TPB gals!

5 Tips for Planning an Outdoor Wedding

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Amelia Island outdoor wedding

Photo By the Robinsons

Although here in Florida it is still approximately 150 degrees outside, the fall is almost upon us! And that means windows open, hopefully a quick love bug season, and plenty of outdoor weddings. Here’s our short list of outdoor wedding tips to help you make the most of your celebration under the stars…

  • First things first, you need a backup plan! Before you even book an outdoor venue, find out what options are available if the weather is less than ideal. Make sure that the backup plan is one you can live with just in case. If a tent is your backup plan, check pricing right away and set aside that amount so there are no hidden surprises in your budget right before the engagement. Many public spaces require a permit to erect a tent, so double check this with your venue as well.
  • Think about how to best use the space. Which direction do you want guests facing during the ceremony? Will the sun be in their/your eyes? Also, receptions usually flow best when the dance floor is near the dinner tables. If you have a large space to work with, spread out the cocktail hour and the dinner reception but keep dancing close to the tables where some people will continue to spend time all night.
  • Be sure there is ample power available outside, and check with your vendors to see what their power requirements are. Need a generator and/or extension cords? Figure those things out early and delegate who is responsible for bringing them on wedding day. As you arrange the floor plan, consider vendors like band, DJ, and electric-powered catering stations so they can be near outlets if possible.
  • The power issue brings us to lighting. Lighting surely enhances any wedding but outside it is a must! If your wedding will continue after the sun is down, then visit your venue after dark to see existing lighting and decide on how much more you’ll need. Market lights are almost always an option, as is dance floor lighting.
  • Lastly, and this is a big one in the South, consider your cake and desserts. Buttercream will melt sitting outside in the heat and humidity. We also worry about bugs (because, gross). To ensure that the dessert stays looking and tasting its best, leave it inside if possible until just before the cake cutting. We often prepare a cake table outside ahead of time but bring the cake out about 10 minutes before it’s cut. Make sure this is something your caterer knows about and designate who will carry the cake out and at what point in the reception.

And there you have it! Happy planning!



You Should Know: Kristi

Written by Brittany. Posted in Behind The Scenes, You Should Know Series

In an effort to give brides, vendors, and friends a more personal and inside look at the goings-on of the Tickled Pink team, we’re bringing you a short series of weekly posts called (you guessed it) “You Should Know”! My hope is that this short answer format will soon extend to other wedding professionals we think you’ll want to get to know as well.

If you haven’t already noticed, Kristi is one of our lead wedding planners and is a total rockstar when it comes to creating some amazing weddings and befriending brides along the way. She has an eye for detail and design and in less than two years with Tickled Pink has already made a name for herself with some seriously gorgeous and inspiring events under her belt. Today we’re checking in on the more personal side of things so you all can get to know her better.  

Kristi- Tickled Pink Brides

First 3 things I do when I wake up: Aside from the usual check phone,brush teeth, etc, my husband and I have what we call ‘5 minute family snuggle’. Our 90lb chocolate lab, Bear, is not allowed to sleep in our bed (he is a complete bed hog), but we like to start each day by letting him up for 5 minutes of uninterupted cuddling. You really can’t go wrong when your day starts with a giant, happy pup!  

Go-to uniform: Blame it on my sorority girl roots, but if I had it my way, I would live in leggings and oversized t-shirts. Did I just wake up? Did I just come from the gym? The world doesn’t know and thats the best part.  

Best advice I’ve ever received: Honestly? Clear eyes, Full hearts, Can’t lose. I truly think it applies to every struggle I’ve been through. Everything I need to know about life I learned from Coach Eric Taylor.  

Truth or Dare: As the daughter of a law enforcement officer, I am a rule-follower by nature and have gotten in the habit of always saying truth :)  

On a free Saturday I…am most likely in Doak Campbell Stadium. Football season is my favorite time of year and (weddings permitting). I try to make it to every home game and as many away games as possible in my family’s RV. Outside of football season, I try to make it to Jacksonville as often as I can to visit my bestie. (Shout out to all you North Florida brides looking for a planner.. I travel!)  

Adventure I’d love to take: My travel bucket list is ambitious (riding elephants in Thailand, vacationing in all 50 states, visiting the 7 wonders of the world) but right now I am really hoping to go to Tokyo for the 2020 Olympics.  

Soundtrack lately: I went on a severe Shania Twain bender this summer both before and after seeing her live with my girlfriends but currently I cannot stop playing The Wombat’s newest album “Glitterbug”. It’s just too good.  

Best thing I’ve ever eaten: Food is probably my favorite thing about being alive, so this is so hard. It might be a tie between Voodoo Doughnuts out of Portland, Oregon and Berger Cookies out of Baltimore, Maryland. But also pizza. So much pizza.  

Always makes me laugh: My friends and family. As cheesy as it sounds, I am surrounded by the best, most hilarious group of people I ever could have hoped for.  

Actress that would play me in a movie: My favorite Australian comedian Chris Lilley (genius behind Summer Heights High, Angry Boys, etc). I just really want to see what that would look like.  

My necessary extravagance: Mani/Pedi’s. There are few things I love more than getting my nails done before a vacation or big event.  

On my bedside table: Make It Happen by Southern Weddings editor-in-chief Lara Casey and Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban (every time I finish the series, I start it over again. Yes, I’m that girl).

Top inspirations: My mom. We almost lost her in 2010 and that event changed the way I look at life. She reminds me every day that I am not promised tomorrow and because of this I strive to make the most of each opportunity I am given.  

The age I am at heart: 24 and 25 were my favorite years. It’s when I discovered my love for whiskey, when I took the leap of faith to change careers and found my home at Tickled Pink Brides, when the friendships that mean the most to me really blossomed, when I watched in person as my noles won a national title in one of the country’s most historic stadiums. I think when I look back on my life, I will always feel the most connected to those years.  

Favorite distraction: Netflix. While I love binge-watching new shows with my husband (when are we getting season 4, OITNB writers?), I use it mostly to re-watch my favorites (Parks & Rec, The Office, Friday Night Lights, Gilmore Girls) while doing every day tasks like cardio, cleaning the house, responding to emails, etc.  

Favorite part of a wedding: While trends change and brides choose new, unique details to set their weddings apart, one thing stays constant across the board and that is the look on the Groom’s face when he sees his Bride walk down the aisle (same for first looks, as well!). Everything else fades away and I’m reminded why I do what I do. That look will never get old!   Thanks, Kristi!  



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