Favorite Beauty Products

Favorite Beauty Products You’ll Want to Try What are your summer beauty staples? Here in Florida it’s so hot and humid that wearing much makeup isn’t on my agenda, but great skin and lashes are always my priorities.  I like to share beauty products I’m loving with my friends, and I […]

Wedding Hairstyle Ideas for Short Hair

Looking through Pinterest, it seems like most of the wedding hairstyles often require long hair. From braids to intricate updos, ladies with short hair often feel limited when deciding on the right style for their big day. Contrary to popular belief, you don’t need long locks to be a stunning […]

Beauty Insider: Using the BellaFlash for Hair Removal

How the BellaFlash Works For Me As long as permanent hair removal options have been around, I’ve been curious about them. Friends have visited places like Ideal Image for many (expensive!) sessions of hair removal which I was always envious of the final result, but unwilling to commit to the […]