Favorite Beauty Products

Favorite Beauty Products You’ll Want to Try

What are your summer beauty staples? Here in Florida it’s so hot and humid that wearing much makeup isn’t on my agenda, but great skin and lashes are always my priorities.  I like to share beauty products I’m loving with my friends, and I hope you’ll give me a few new things to add to my list! 

Let’s start with a fresh face…

Rodan + Fields Micro-dermabrasian Paste

The micro granules in this paste work hard to scrub the skin clean and remove the top layer of makeup and dead skin cells to leave your face glowy and fresh. I love that it doesn’t dry my face out at all. A little goes a long way so it takes me a few months to get through one pot using it 2-3 x a week. 

Purchase here or from a local Rodan + Fields representative.

Skinceuticals Hydrating B5 Gel

I’m hooked on serums and face oils for use before bed. I’ll take all the moisture and plumping I can get! This one by Skinceuticals adds a bunch of moisture and I use it under my nighttime moisturizer and occasionally during the day. You can find my favorites here and here.

Rodan + Fields Lash Boost

The hype is legit. As someone who values great lashes, and former lash extension wearer, I can say that Lash Boost truly did grow my wimpy eyelashes. This stuff is expensive but one tube lasts a long time (I’m at least 4 months in with plenty left). It took about 3 weeks for me to see results but once my lashes started growing I was really impressed! My lashes are not naturally dark so I definitely still wear mascara, but some people don’t even feel the need for mascara daily after using Lash Boost.

You can purchase here or from a local Rodan + Fields representative.

L’Oreal Lash Paradise mascara

As I mentioned, I love great lashes and never leave the house without mascara on. It’s one of my “if stranded on a deserted island” items, in fact. My go-to has always been L’Oreal Voluminous, which plumps and lengthens big time. Lately though, probably because Florida + summer, it’s smudging under my eyes more so I was looking for a change. Enter L’Oreal Lash Paradise! This is a new one that lengthens, adds lots of volume, and beautifully beefs up the lashes in a natural but va-va-voom sort of way. I dare say this beats even top of the line mascaras like Chanel and Dior. And look ma, no smudge!

Order here or find it at Target.

Nars Multiple Stick in South Beach

This has been a summer staple for years. It’s a cream blush/eye shadow/lip stick in the perfect sun kissed color. I mainly use it as blush but when I travel I often take only this one item for my cheeks and eyeshadow. All the color options are beautiful, South Beach is my summer go-to though. 

Purchase here.

Lush No Drought Dry Shampoo

Yep, this mama runs on coffee and dry shampoo. My favorite is the natural ingredient No Drought powder from Lush. It really dries up any oil and makes my hair look fresh again in a way that I haven’t found in an aerosol dry shampoo. Plus, it’s from Lush which is like bath heaven where you can also feel good about the ingredients you’re using on your body.

If you don’t have a Lush store near you, buy it here!

Are you a beauty product junkie too? Do tell, what are some of your must-have products?

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