Beauty Insider: Using the BellaFlash for Hair Removal

How the BellaFlash Works For Me

As long as permanent hair removal options have been around, I’ve been curious about them. Friends have visited places like Ideal Image for many (expensive!) sessions of hair removal which I was always envious of the final result, but unwilling to commit to the price and number of visits required. I’ve of course waxed, but ouch, and was pretty much resigned to shaving forever until recently when a friend told me about BellaFlash Hair Removal System. She swore that her underarm hair was practically gone after a couple months of using it, so I had to investigate for myself. After about 6 weeks of once a week use, I can attest that I have almost NO underarm hair anymore! Hallelujah! A couple more sessions and it should be gone for good.


The machine plugs into an outlet and uses a laser with a super bright flash to stop hair growth at the follicle so no new hair grows there. The strength of the light is adjustable and for me when the setting is high enough, there is a split second sting but I would not say it necessarily hurts and it’s over in literally a second. There are 5.5 levels and I use it on about level 5, so almost as high as it will go. One of the best things about it, aside from the hair removal being permanent, is that you don’t have to grow hair out before using it. The laser reaches under the skin to zap down to the follicle, so continue to shave as normal prior to use. One insider tip… the directions say to wait 2 weeks between sessions, but I have used mine once a week with no problem. I think two weeks is playing it very safe and is likely not necessary but it may depend on the person. I’ve been so impressed with the results of this magical laser gun that I had to share! I have yet to see the BellaFlash hair removal gun in stores, but it’s available on Amazon (link above) and also at Costco if you have a membership. I wish it had been around before I got married so I could have done my underarms and bikini area before the wedding and honeymoon! 

So do tell, are there any insider beauty tricks or treatments we need to know about?

*Update: Within three months of writing this post, the underarm hair was back! Turns out this product did not produce permanent hair removal, however with maintenance “flashing” about twice per month it can keep your skin smooth and hair-free 🙂

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