You Should Know: Kristin Wilson of Our DJ Rocks

She’s so full of life and energy you just have to smile when talking to her and you’ll probably walk away motivated to take on the world because THAT’S the enthusiasm she brings to the table. Getting to know Kristin Wilson of Our DJ Rocks over the past few years I have been inspired by her passion and proud to know this dear friend. Kristin dove into the industry as a female wedding DJ and quickly earned her stripes, setting the bar high on fun, professionalism and style. She works her tail off but does it with grace and makes it look easy.  This is certainly one to watch, and definitely one you should know…


First 3 things I do when I wake up: Kiss my husband good morning, cuddle with my pup and make plans for world domination. 

Go-to uniform: Anything black with a little bit of sparkle. 

Best advice I’ve ever received: I have tons of advice that I would share and a million and one sayings that fire me up. A few that I live by are: “It’s always impossible until it’s done.” Or “Nothing changes until the pain of remaining the same, exceeds the pain of change” ORRRRRRRRRRRRRR to my #bossbitches out there “Never let anyone dull your sparkle.”

Truth or Dare: Truth

On a free Saturday I… what is a free Saturday? ::wink:: I’m actually serious. I don’t know what a free Saturday is. 

Adventure I’d love to take: Paddle Boarding with my  husband. Taking my step daughters to experience their first concert. Yoga on the beach of Hawaii. And maybe popping champagne in one of those cute gondola boats in Europe!

Lately I’m listening to: Show Me Love by Sam Feldt

Best thing I’ve ever eaten: My grandma’s chicken noodle soup or chicken’n dumplins or my moms chicken and rice! Pretty sure my hubby can cook some mean collard greens though. 

Always makes me laugh: Ok, I’m not sure I want to admit this… but if there is one thing that will always guarantee me to laugh it would be those silly dog videos. 

Who would play me in a movie: Reese Witherspoon!

My necessary extravagance: Nutella

On my bedside table: Inspirational books and a reading light. 

Top inspirations: Inspirational quotes, bubble baths and anything sparkly. 

The age I am at heart: I feel like I am in the right space at the right time and on the exact path that I am supposed to be. So I feel like at heart, I am my age. I’m young and full of energy. I’m actually kinda like a briefcase on a rope swing, professional yet still so much fun! 

Favorite distraction: Yoga

Favorite thing about your job: I believe that music has a power that is beyond our control. It can transform an atmosphere. It can set the mood. It can radiate a dance floor. It is my tool that helps me to create unplanned moments.  

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