5 Alternatives to a Sparkler Send Off

Sparkler Send Off Alternatives

Sparkler send off photos will always have a special place in our hearts, but not all venues allow them and sometimes it’s nice to change things up a bit, no? 

5 alternatives to sparkler exit wedding

If sparklers are a must for you, here are a few recommendations to keep the end of the night running smoothly:

  • Delegate to someone the task of lining up your guests, passing out sparklers and the job of lighting them! If you’ve hired a coordinator, that’s their job 🙂
  • Unpack all those 10-pack boxes ahead of time, or let your coordinator know that needs to be done the night of. We have unwrapped zillions of sparklers during dinner or dancing. Just don’t wait until the end of the night to start unwrapping them!
  • Provide a tall bucket with sand or water for guests to deposit used sparklers, or see if your venue provides this. 
  • Be sure your photographer and videographer are ready for you to make your grand exit before you light sparklers! Your coordinator should know this, but if a friend or family member is in charge, they need to wait until the shot is all set up. No need to hurry and miss out on this important end of the night photo op! 

And now, our top picks for grand exit alternatives that you and your guests will love!

Binary Flips Photography

Bubble guns

No need to buy one for every guest. For an average size wedding, 4-6 of these will provide plenty of bubbles! 

Concept Photography

Ribbon wands like these or these (order one per guest)


Fiber optic wands or glow necklaces for everyone to wear

Photo by Cricket’s Photography

Foam glow sticks work well for your exit or during an upbeat party song during the reception

Photo by Captured by Belinda

Confetti poppers are one of my personal favorites! We most often use these during the last dance in lieu of a send off. Your coordinator and DJ/band can coordinate the best part of a song to shoot them off, and usually they are given to the bridal party only.

Do you have other ideas for non-sparkler send offs we should know about? Share them in the comments!

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