Friday Favorites

It’s been quite awhile since I’ve posted a Friday Favorites post, but all the Hurricane Irma doom and gloom has me ready for some joy around here! We hope all our friends in the Southeast fared well last weekend as Irma took over. Photos of the Keys were devastating and we know a number of people who had damage to their homes and businesses. As I write this, thousands are still without power and water, and we’ve seen such grace and hospitality come from all over as families help each other with shelter, air conditioning, food, and water. It’s hard times like this that we’re given such opportunity to show our true colors and I believe that more often than not, we as a community band together and help each other when the going gets tough. While this week was a sweaty and sometimes frustrating one, here are five favorite things that brought joy!

  1. Lydia and Josh were married the day before Irma hit Orlando, at one of our favorite places, The Alfond Inn. Since the whole event had been planned inside and conditions were safe still on Saturday, they decided to move forward with the wedding. Sadly, many of their guests were unable to attend because of travel issues with the coming storm, but we carried on with a beautiful wedding and a top-notch vendor team that carried out the night seamlessly! A blog post is forthcoming but for now, here’s a sneak peak of our fearless hurricane couple 😉
  2. A luncheon we were scheduled to attend was cancelled this week as a result of power outages in the aftermath of the storm. Instead of wasting the beautiful flowers that had been prepared for the event, Orlando floral company Lowe and Behold delivered gorgeous arrangements to would-be attendees, and a cheery yellow bouquet ended up at my home! What a lovely way to end the week! Thank you to Randy and team!
  3. I’m reading Jen Hatmaker’s new book Of Mess and Moxie: Wrangling Delight Out of This Wild and Glorious Life and loving it! I’ve read most of Hatmaker’s books and truly love (and am ready to re-read) each of them. 
  4. This weekend we are taking the kids to their first Gator football game! My husband and I are both alumni and I’m excited to show our older kids around Gainesville and let them experience the excitement of being at a game. My friend Margaret at Do Tell Calligraphy makes hand-drawn maps of Gainesville (ok, and Tallahassee…) and I’m thinking I need one for our new house! 
  5. When I’m out for a jog I’m usually listening to an interview on The Happy Hour with Jamie Ivey. It builds women up and gives a fresh perspective on women entrepreneurs and doers that I may not have otherwise known. I highly recommend it! Who else is a big fan of podcasts? Which are your favorites? 

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