Wedding Hairstyle Ideas for Short Hair

Looking through Pinterest, it seems like most of the wedding hairstyles often require long hair. From braids to intricate updos, ladies with short hair often feel limited when deciding on the right style for their big day.

Contrary to popular belief, you don’t need long locks to be a stunning bride. Whether you’ve got a pixie cut or rocking pink ombre hair that reaches to your waist, you have plenty of options when it comes to your wedding hairstyle.

Here are some ideas to consider if you’ve got short hair:

If you have short, curly hair…
Leave it au natural and just accessorize! Sometimes the best thing to do is to keep things simple with your hair and dress it up with an ornate hair clip or a headband. A woman featured on Brides Magazine showed off her natural curls and put on an oversized gold accessory for that wow factor, which can work just as well with your hair.

If you have a pixie cut…
Channel your Audrey Hepburn and sweep your hair to the side. Styling won’t take long, as a quick blowout with a brush should do the trick, finishing off with some hairspray, clay or pomade to keep your hair in tact. The side swept bangs can be held in place with embellished pins or even bobby pins to keep things minimal but classic. Another accessory you could add is a birdcage veil, which can be worn in various ways as seen on Stylish Wife, though it might be best to wear it on an angle, depending on the design of the veil and how much of your face you want to cover.

If you have a bob…
Try beach waves. Those soft, bohemian waves look just as good on short hair as they do on long hair. While a curling iron will get the job done, a one-inch flat iron works best on thicker hair, as Glamour’s beauty editor at large Theodore Leaf explains in a styling video featured on The Scene. Leaf states that the iron will really press your hair and still give you the wave. The key is to section your hair and create curls away from the face but alternate the direction of curls as you move back. Make sure to stretch out each curl and finger comb with pomade once your hair has completely cooled.

If you have shoulder length hair or a lob…
Wear a headband. Thinner bands look best on shorter cuts, which is perfect since most wedding hairbands are quite delicate, accented with crystals, pearls, flowers, etc. To make your hair work around the headband, experts from The Right Hairstyles suggest that you wear your hair half up, teasing the top half to give yourself some more volume. It’s up to you whether you’d like a few strands falling out at the front or keep everything neat by pinning or spraying your hair down. This look almost has a princess vibe that would look gorgeous on any bride with this hair length.

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  1. I had shorter hair when I got married. I had my stylist do a braided “headband” kind of look, it was really pretty. Great ideas, thanks for sharing!

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