Glitter and Gold

Because today is my 30th birthday, and birthdays are why sparkle was invented (right?!), to celebrate I’m sharing my favorite glitter and gold wedding inspiration from around the net.  Enjoy and sparkle on!  

Bohemian Wedding Inspiration

How I love boho-chic styling for both everyday fashion and weddings too!  It’s a fairly rare bride that wants to attempt the Bohemian look, but when they do the wedding is a showstopper and, let’s be honest, the details get Pinned and published.  Try it with lush flowers, a mix of […]

Moroccan Inspired Wedding Decorations

Inspired by Moroccan lanterns we’re using to decorate an upcoming wedding ceremony, today’s post is dedicated to Moroccan wedding ideas. Whether you are a part of Moroccan culture or just appreciate its aesthetics, the jewel tones and intricate details can be incorporated into all parts of your own wedding. Here […]