You Should Know: Jennyfer Mancino of The Sugar Suite

Jennyfer Mancino of The Sugar Suite

Jennyfer Mancino of The Sugar SuiteJennyfer Mancino is one of those women who you meet and immediately admire.   Her hardworking habits have paid off in her successful bakery, The Sugar Suite, she’s enthusiastic about being present with her two daughters, and her focus on relationships with her husband, friends and family is apparent. If that wasn’t enough, she finds time for Bible study, art, cooking, and winning awards multiple times over for her amazing wedding cakes! As a much sought-after custom cake baker in Orlando, and a dear friend of mine, we were eager to hear more about Jennyfer and The Sugar Suite, and thought you all might be as well.

First 3 things I do when I wake up: first, baby snuggles! Not because we co-sleep, but because it’s the littlest’s job to wake up everyone in the house. Then COFFEE and then a 2 mile run. Just kidding, one day the run will be in the morning routine 🙂

Go-to uniform: Jeans & sneakers 

Best advice I’ve ever received: There are no shortcuts to any place worth going – Beverly Sils

Truth or Dare: Truth

On a free Saturday I… The perfect day off starts with an extravagant breakfast for the family, some pool time and a bike ride. Then follow that up with a nap, a craft/home décor project and an awesome home made meal with a nice bottle of French red wine. That is a super Saturday!

Adventure I’d love to take: I dream about taking the family on a month long vacation back to the French countryside where I was an exchange student in high school. I am still really close with the mom that took care of me and she also happens to have an amazing vegetable garden.

Soundtrack lately: Andra Day. She is so soulful & artistic.

Best thing I’ve ever eaten: When I was in France, the first meal my host mother made was lobster with homemade mayonnaise, perfectly roasted chicken (from her chicken coop), butter roasted potatoes and green beans from her friends farm. I will forever be trying to relive that meal!

Always makes me laugh: Pug puppies and piglets in rain boots. Just Google it, you will be glad you did 🙂

Actress that would play me in a movie: Katherine Heigel as a dark blonde. 

My necessary extravagance: Make up. I was a make up artist in college, so the fancier the make up the better.

On my bedside table: My bible, pens & paper, and a charger for my cell phone (for Pinterest lullabies)

Top inspirations: Pinterest, words, The Word, all music, other people and their stories. I have an artist’s heart, so there are a MILLION things that inspire me!

The age I am at heart: 34 and a half…. But not 35, that’s old! LOL!

Favorite distraction: Pinterest!!!

Favorite part of a wedding: The kiss! I also cannot resist a sweet daddy-daughter dance.

Thank you, Jennyfer! Here are a couple of her recent cakes that we are just in love with! 

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