Avocados for Any Occassion

Food Trend to Try: Avocado Stations

Finding out that today is #NationalAvocadoDay is simply music to my ears! The way to my heart is definitely via avocados in any shape or form, and foodies everywhere will be thrilled to know that avocado stations at events are now a thing. Cocktails Catering recently announced their offering of avocado stations and we cannot wait to try this with one of our clients. 

Cocktails showcased three ways to serve avocados at your event:


Imagine all the toppings one could use to build your own avocado toast! Onions, smoked salmon, cherry tomatoes, lime (of course), pink and black sea salts, radishes and cucumbers… the list goes on.


Again, topping ideas can be anything from standard Mexican-style to blackened shrimp, quinoa, you name it.


Last, but certainly not least, is the guacamole bar. Onions, jalepenos, tomatoes, cilantro… build your favorite guac and serve alongside lots of chips or toasted bread slices. And while you’re at it, throw in a specialty margarita during cocktail hour at the bar! Cocktails Catering is a premier Orlando-based catering company who we enjoy partnering with for menu and bar needs.

What is your favorite way to eat avocados?

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