Have a Happy Halloween

What are you doing for Halloween? We have a tradition of having family and a few friends over for food and festive cocktails before the kids go trick-or-treating. This year Saylor is dressing up as Batgirl, Jack as a Pteranodon (it’s basically a pterodactyl for those of us who don’t know […]

You Should Know: Michelle

For the third interview of our “You Should Know” series, we’re getting the scoop on Tickled Pink coordinator Michelle Moyer! She’s been with our team for two and a half years and I’ll always remember that the first wedding she assisted me on was on her birthday, which she didn’t […]

You Should Know: Kristi

In an effort to give brides, vendors, and friends a more personal and inside look at the goings-on of the Tickled Pink team, we’re bringing you a short series of weekly posts called (you guessed it) “You Should Know”! My hope is that this short answer format will soon extend […]